App Development

App development is where I got started and remains the central piece of the work I do. When developing an app the initial decisions are crucial and impact the app for its entire lifespan. I can help you decide the correct path to follow, and will provide assistance from the first to last step.

Whether you need a proof of concept or a final product I can build either.

app development wirefame screens
app development final design screens

The Process

  1. Determine scope of work, is this app a proof of concept or a final product.

  2. Identify the feature set, what does the app need to accomplish.

  3. Blueprint UX wireframe, define and plan the information hierarchy of the design.

  4. Design UI mockups, understand what the final interface should look like.

  5. Choose development approach, decide between a native or cross-platform solution

  6. Build, test, and release.

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