An outdoor recreation application built for hunters, fishers, backpackers, and casual hikers


Lead Developer

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untapped exploration

The outdoors made friendly

The MaptureNav app pairs custom maps designed for users with built in privacy, lightning fast loading and seamless map panning interactions.

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expansive features

A tool made for each use case

Enjoy offline maps when you wander out of service. Add a waypoint for you parked car, tree stands, target areas, and favorite spots. MaptureNav will keep track of your path, time, and average speed while automatically syncing across all of your devices. Switch to the dark mode when hunting in the dark to preserve your night vision.

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mapturenav basemap layer


The base map provides all the content of your standard hybrid map. View all streets and roads alongside streams and rivers.

mapturenav shaded relief layer

Shaded Relief

Building on the base map shaded relief shows elevation for features such as mountains, valleys, plateaus, and canyons.

mapturenav satellite layer


The satellite map provides accurate imagery allowing you to gain an understanding of the area.

mapturenav enhanced satellite layer

Enhanced Satellite

Enhanced satellite is a combination of the default satellite map and a shaded relief overview.

mapturenav land ownership layer

Land Ownership

The land ownership overlay gives you accurate information on property boundaries and the public and private landowners. Each land parcel is marked and labeled allowing you to stay legal.

advanced capabilities

3D Maps made accessible.

3D maps enable you to understand your destination before you even leave the house. Combining 3D maps with Mapture's expansive layers gives you the tools you need to plan and optimize your trip.

mapturenav web app 3D maps view
mapturenav web app 3D maps view