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Hi There! I'm Bernard

Full stack software developer and the co-founder of Gold Block Chain & Delven.

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I am a year old Montana based software developer who started learning to code in high school. I have spent the past years building responsive and scalable development projects from frontend to backend.

As a freelance developer I have been able to work for bootstrapped startups, VC funded startups, local businesses, and a Fortune 500 company. I spend most of my time in mobile app development, though lately I have been doing some work as a web developer.

I am the co-founder of two separate businesses: Gold Block Chain and Delven. Gold Block Chain was founded in 2018 as a small Software Development firm, it has since become a respected agency with some of the biggest companies in their respective industries. More recently in 2020, I co-founded Delven to address the difficulties of connecting researchers with participants.

Software Development Firm

Gold Block Chain

Gold Block Chain develops websites and apps tailored specifically to the goals of our clients — in doing so we create exceptional experiences for the customers of our clients.

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Streamlined Scientific Research

Delven LLC

At Delven we are revolutionizing participant-based research by accelerating the participant recruitment process delivering higher quality participants on a shorter timeline.

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What I do


I create websites and apps designed around solving the clients problem.

Want examples? You can head over to my portfolio or visit the Gold Block Chain website. There you will find work I have done as an app, server, or web developer.

My Clients

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client logo for OnWater react app and website
client logo for MaptureNav iOS app and website
client logo for Noah Couser Photography website
client logo for Visit Cedart City iOS and Android Site
client logo for Visit Helena iOS and Android augmented reality app

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